Why making health a priority is key to achieving other goals

Although exercise is a key component to living at your best, being healthy means so much more than going to the gym a couple times a week; it means having a strong body, mind and attitude. Although many of us end up going to bed too late, picking up takeout, or skipping a workout so that we can dedicate more time to work, a small investment in your health can give you a huge return on your investment.    

While making health sacrifices seem logical at the time, these decisions often hurt us in the long run. We end up feeling exhausted during the day, self-conscious about our physical appearance, frustrated about our performance, and burnt out. 

If you’ve been putting in long hours at the office, but aren’t getting the results you had hoped for, it could be your health that is holding you back.  

Confidence, productivity and performance are all connected, and they can all be improved by making health and fitness a priority. Regardless of your age, the more confident you feel in yourself and your abilities, the more you will be able to conquer in other areas of your life.    

Check out five quick tips to making health a priority.

1) Get Some Sleep

Strive for 7-8 hours of sleep each night to give your body and mind the proper recovery that it needs. You will be most productive and efficient when you are rested. 

2) Nurture your Body

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; this is true. But what you might not know is that the type of food you’re eating during your first meal is equally important. Try Poliquin’s Meat and Nut Breakfast for optimal performance.

3) Move to Feel Better

When you’re stressed out, try taking a short walk to clear your head and calm your nerves. Becoming more active doesn’t always mean you have to go all out. Start small, listen to your body, and work with it (not against it). Find a qualified trainer who knows how to help you build a strong foundation before training hard.

4) Drink Water

Dehydration can cause a lot of negative side effects including headaches, irritability and sluggishness. You can use this simple formula to figure out how much water you should be consuming each day:

Your weight in pounds divided by 2.

Drink that amount of water in ounces per day as a minimum. 

5) Organize Your Schedule

We can only do so much in a day. Get laser focused on what’s really important and get it done first. Learn to prioritize your schedule so that it is aligned with your goals and life vision.

Helen Marie Fox is a health and performance coach who has helped hundreds of individuals and groups perform at their best. Her strategic approach to goal achievement leaves people armed with the knowledge, skills and essential mindset required to create change. Read more


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