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What separates the best from the mediocre? How do you achieve excellence and take your life to the next level?

Helen Marie Fox, a dynamic Health & Performance Coach has helped hundreds of individuals create authentic change with lasting results. She is committed to performing at her best while inspiring and teaching others to do the same.

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A lifetime of learning, growth and peak performance.

Helen Marie Fox is a health and performance coach who has helped hundreds of individuals and groups perform at their best. Her strategic approach to goal achievement leaves people armed with the knowledge, skills and essential mindset required to create change. Her brilliant techniques inspire others to be better and do more so that life can be lived by design, not default. Read their testimonials

Helen has a strong personal interest in each client’s unique qualities and talents. She takes great pleasure in helping individuals and groups uncover their strengths so they can ultimately perform at a high level in all areas of their lives.

Helen started out as a high-performing athlete before she worked as a personal trainer. She now offers integrated one-on-one coaching services for high performance in leadership, finance, careers, relationships, and health and wellness.


What is high performance coaching?

Through regular phone coaching sessions, we facilitate conversations around identifying where you are, where you want to go, and creating a plan that will ensure the end result. Together we work through any obstacles that are getting in the way and organize an action plan that is aligned with key performance indicators.

  • Vibrant Health
  • The Right Mindset
  • Optimal Fitness
  • Meaningful Connections
  • Mindful Actions
  • High Self-Esteem

Total wellness for high performance.

The healthier, stronger and more fit you are, the more confidence, motivation, and energy you will have to be the best version of yourself.

HMF coaches will give you personalized tips and recommendations about nutrition, healthy weight and lifestyle management.

With leading-edge knowledge on diet, supplements and disease prevention, you will be set up for success.

Helen Marie Fox is also available for workshops and coaching on these topics.

Fitness training

HMF coaches are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether it's to lose weight and feel healthier or to improve energy and look amazing.

Our services include training for strength, fat loss, flexibility, stamina and balance including:

A step-by-step guide to clarifying your goals, and living life at your peak.

Helen Marie Fox will soon complete her book of insights for everyone who aspires to reach the next level. Here’s what you can expect:

“People don't miss the mark for not having S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, achievable, results-based, and time-bound). They miss the mark because they aren't connected to those goals; or they aren't shining bright, so they don't currently have the ability to reach those goals. Something needs to change on a deeper level in order to get the desired result…"

"So many people complain that they don't have enough time yet we all have the same amount of hours in a day. You choose what you do with your time. Do you not have enough time or are you conflicted or unhappy about what you have chosen to do with your time? Do you really have less time than others or have you chosen to do things with your time that steal your joy and rob you of your real life's task?"

"To some degree, everyone has the internal resources to make their life better. Take responsibility for your current situation. You don't have to like it but you do need to own it before you can change it. You will be amazed when you truly realize what is possible. Eliminate distractions, get focused and get to work."

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HMF on stage.

Helen's energetic presentations are ideal for leaders, managers, decision makers, creative thinkers, and anyone who values health and personal development.

Whether she’s speaking in front of intimate groups or large corporations, her captivating presence leaves participants inspired and ready for change.

Each workshop or presentation is designed to educate, enrich, and empower participants to improve their quality of life.



about your company or event so we can discuss your needs in more detail.


Inspiring tips for an extraordinary life.

Insightful tips for an extraordinary life. Vibrant health, the right mindset, a fit body, and amazing personal and professional relationships… Unstoppable is where you'll discover how they're all a catalyst for high performance. Be inspired and get in-depth tips on how to become the best version of yourself."

  • Sleeping For Success

    Follow some of these sleep habits that many successful people have adopted.

  • Why Quality Relationships Will Have A Lasting Impact On Your Life

    Learn how to keep strong relationships with the people who matter most.

  • Building Self-Confidence

    Possessing confidence is beneficial for numerous reasons, and it’s a key component of success.

Client feedback.

The world becomes a better place when more people perform at their full potential.

  • "Helen knew my goals, kept me on track and pushed me to the limit. On days when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, she encouraged me and kept me motivated. She believed in me (even when I didn't) and was instrumental in helping me reach my goals. I lost 22 pounds and feel better than ever! I can't thank Helen enough for all her patience and guidance. The confidence she's given me will stay with me forever."
    - Magnolia
  • "Helen: training with you has been great! I no longer view numbers on the scale as my identity. It feels great to be more toned and actually see muscles that I didn’t even know existed; changes in my body that I’ve never seen before. I feel stronger and healthier and love the way I feel after one of your workouts, even if it’s at 5:30 in the morning! I went from not being able to run 5 minutes to running 45 minutes in a row. The entire process has really boosted my confidence and I really enjoy having someone else so invested in my goals. Thanks again!"
    - Laura
  • “When I met Helen Fox over two years ago I was a mother of two who wanted to lose several pounds in order to "look decent" at a June wedding I had to attend. Little did I realize that Helen had much more confidence in me than I possessed for myself. Within 2 months of training with Helen I not only lost over 15 pounds but I developed definition in my muscles I had NEVER achieved before. Today, I am a mother of three and currently live an hour and a half east of Toronto and still have yet to find a trainer who has motivated me as much as Helen Fox."
    - Tonya

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